You can learn about your baby's motor development, social development and language development by choosing below.
13-14 Months

Engine Development

  • Turns while seated.
  • Rakes things up with one hand.
  • Walks when held with one hand.
  • Stands while their arms are up.
  • Takes independent steps.
  • Starts walking by the end of the 3-month period. However, since each child's developmental timeline is unique, some children may start walking at 9 months of age, while others might take up to 18 months.

Social Development

  • Asks for help.
  • Passes objects to the other person for help.
  • Distinguishes the object of interest to the family.
  • Shows the object they want.
  • Wants you to give them your undivided attention.
  • Does not like to share the things they love with others, that is, their toys, food, and especially your attention. Not willing to communicate with other children in environments where they are around with children their age.

Language Development

  • Uses distinctive sound and word-like expressions.
  • Says the names of objects or people.
  • Uses single words.
  • Says one to ten words.