You can learn about your baby's motor development, social development and language development by choosing below.
18-19 Months

Engine Development

  • Crawls down the stairwell. 
  • Runs well.
  • Takes a seat in the tiny chair on their own.
  • Throws a ball while still standing.
  • Constructs a tower out of four cubes.
  • Imitates.
  • At 18 months, they no longer place toys and objects in their hands to their mouth but instead turn them over in their hands to examine them. 

Social Development

  • Pays attention to other people.
  • Shows embarrassing behavior.
  • Takes lumps when they are wrong.
  • Waves behind the adults.

Language Development

  • Shows 3-4 objects when its name is said.
  • Shows the body parts.
  • Points to themselves.
  • Comprehends the concept of "mine."
  • Shows the familiar people when their names are called.
  • Uses 10-15 words.