You can learn about your baby's motor development, social development and language development by choosing below.
3-4 Months

Engine Development

  • Pushes up on the forearm in the prone position.
  • Rocks left and right.

Social Development

  • Distinguishes people.
  • Develops mimics for disgust (such as sour food/loud voice).
  • Follows the person entering the room with their eyes.
  • Spontaneously laughs at pleasant sounds or stimuli.
  • Stops crying with a familiar voice.
  • Makes erratic, varying noises.
  • Distinguishes colors.

Language Development

  • Makes different sounds.
  • Turns towards the source of the sound.
  • Makes a sound in response to the person who speaks and the object that makes noise.
  • Chuckles.
  • Coos and babbles.