You can learn about your baby's motor development, social development and language development by choosing below.
16-17 Months

Engine Development

  • Stands on one foot with small help.
  • Walks back.
  • Climbs the stairs, holding with one hand.
  • Consult your doctor if your child is still not walking at 17 months.

Social Development

  • Kisses.
  • Changes their place as a game to impress the caregiver. 
  • Develops awareness.
  • During this period, your child waves to the people around them and understands games that require two or more players as well as simple command sentences. 
  • Imitates animal sounds.
  • Often uses the word "no".
  • Starts to obstinate. You can correct their bad behavior by rewarding their good behavior with positive attitudes (hugging, kissing, smiling).

Language Development

  • Understands simple commands, like "Bring it to Mom."
  • Shows the picture when it is said.
  • Uses 5-10 words.
  • Forms half sentences such as "it's all over/gone."
  • Imitates environmental sounds (like animal sounds).
  • Says the name of what they want.