You can learn the details of baby massage, which helps to support the bond between you and your baby.

For baby massage, squeeze a small amount of massage oil into your hand.

Gently massage by rubbing down the baby’s ribs.

Allow the baby to relax with light movements without exerting too much pressure.

Bend your baby’s two knees to put some pressure on her/his tummy and hold it for 6 seconds.

Make clockwise circular movements on the abdomen.

Hold for a few seconds by bending both legs upwards.

Throughout the day, this massage can be given to infants to relieve gas pain as needed.

Giving a massage improves the muscle coordination of the infant. It is also favorable for the physical development of the infant and the regulation of her/his circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems.

The communication between the mother and the infant is reinforced mostly through touch. The most important element in the mother’s contact is the instillation of a sense of security in the baby.

Giving a massage will help improve the communication when it is performed not only by the mother but also by the father.


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If you think your baby is sick and unpeaceful, or if your baby has recently been vaccinated, be sure to get approval from your doctor before giving a massage.