Diaper rash in babies is the development of redness and irritation in the areas of the skin in contact with the diaper and is a common skin problem. The most common cause of diaper rash is not changing the diaper often enough. Keeping the baby’s diaper dry and clean, cleaning the area with a soft cloth or water when changing the diaper and using appropriate creams to soothe the skin, prevent contact with feces and other irritating substances will alleviate diaper rash. Diaper rash that persistent may be related to diet.

Food Allergies

Diaper rash that lasts longer than a month may be related to food allergy. If the severity of diaper rash increases after the baby consumes any food, this food should be removed from the baby’s diet and it should be observed whether there is any healing. Diaper rash is common, especially in babies who are start to solid food. When introducing a new food to the baby, each new food should be given one at a time and at intervals of a few days, so that it can be easily determined which food causes diaper rash.

Acidic Foods

Acidic foods such as strawberries, blueberries, oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruits, grapes, tomatoes and tomato-based products can increase the severity of diaper rash.


Developing diarrhea while the baby has a diaper rash may worsen the diaper rash. To reduce the severity of diarrhea, foods that increase stool consistency, such as potatoes, rice, bananas and carrots, should be added to the baby’s diet. Foods that increase diarrhea, such as cow’s milk, fruit juice, prunes, apricots and pears, should be eliminated.


Yeast infections can cause diaper rash in babies. The use of antibiotics may cause the Candida to multiply and eventually cause diaper rash in the baby. Antibiotics can also cause diarrhea, which can contribute to the development of diaper rash. If the baby needs to use antibiotics, it may be beneficial to use probiotics simultaneously under the control of a doctor.

Maternal Diet

Breast milk has a protective effect against diaper rash, but if the cause of diaper rash cannot be found in breastfed babies, the mother’s nutrition should also be reviewed. Some foods in the mother’s diet can cause diaper rash in the baby.


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