Hands should be washed before expressing breast milk,

The nipple and areola should be properly cleaned.

The milking set and storage containers must be disposable and sterile.


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Hand Expression of Breast Milk

  • The mother should stimulate the oxytocin reflex to promote milk expression. (The following actions are helpful for such stimulation, including looking at the baby or her/his photograph, or massaging the breast).
  • She should place her thumb on the milk ducts, which feel like beads on the outer edge of the areola, and place her index finger directly opposite it. (The thumb and the index finger should form a C-shape).
  • She should first press the breast against the rib cage and then massage the milk ducts by simultaneously pressing and releasing the thumb and index finger. She should not squeeze the nipple or rub her fingers against the skin of the breast.
  • When the milk flow slows down, she may change the direction of the movement of the fingers to continue expressing breast milk.

Breast Milk Storage Conditions

Storing Expressed Breast Milk

TemperatureStorage Period
Room temperature (16-29 °C)3 hours
On the refrigerator shelf (+4 °C)3 Days
In the deep freezer (below -18 °C)3 months
Reference: Temizsoy, E. (2019). ‘’Sağlıklı Yenidoğanda Beslenme’’ Sunumu.