Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Maternal weight gain during pregnancy is important for the body weight and the well-being of the fetus. During pregnancy, the need for an energy intake increases by about 12%.

The recommended amount of pregnancy weight gain is related to the body weight of the expectant mother before pregnancy. As the body mass index (BMI) increases, the amount of weight to be gained decreases.

BMI is calculated by dividing the body weight in kilograms by the height in metres squared. The unit of BMI is kg/m².

gain during pregnancy according to BMI values.

BMIRecommended Weight Gain
BMI <19.812.5-18 kg
BMI 19.8-2611.5-16 kg
BMI >26-297-11.5 kg
BMI>29At a minimum of 6 kg

The table shows the average amounts of weight gain. You should consult your dietitian to follow up on the weight gain and develop a nutrition plan tailored to your needs during pregnancy.


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